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I'm surprised this does not seem to exist as a product: a shunt jumper with a push button...

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Blokkeer de A12!(6) Kom aanstaande zaterdag, 28 januari, naar Den Haag, neem deel aan die blokkade! En ook als je daartoe zelf geen kans ziet: help mee de volgens de staat dus als opruiing beschouwde oproep om te blokkeren verder te verspreiden. Blokkade is noodzaak! Opruiing is noodzaak! En die arrestanten moeten natuurlijk ogenblikkelijk vrij en van iedere strafvervolging worden vrijgesteld.


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A milestone - KiCanvas's schematic viewer now supports selecting symbols and viewing their information. 🎉

It's kind of funny, since I'd already had this working in the proof of concept (& the version on my blog), but this is a completely re-built viewer. It's much faster, much smoother, and much more robust.

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“If the World were 100 People”

25 are children
75 are adults (9 are 65+)

60 Asians
16 Africans
14 people from the Americas
10 Europeans

31 Christians
23 Muslims
16 people w/o religion
15 Hindus
7 Buddhists
8 other

12 Chinese
6 Spanish
5 English
4 Hindi
3 Arabic
3 Bengali
3 Portuguese
2 Russian
2 Japanese
60 other

86 can read & write
7 have a college degree
40 have Internet
78 have shelter
91 have access to safe drinking water

Source: 100people.org based on 2016 #data

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“Imagine if you use a phone for twice as long…that means you only have to produce half the amount of phones and you have half the amount of waste”. 🌍 💚 #Fairphone Founder, @basvanabel@twitter.com, spoke to the team at @WhatDesignCanDo@twitter.com: youtu.be/LYhQji59dGY

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Avid fan of the new MicroChip Attiny here:
the @Raspberry_Pi #RP2040 is a surprising nifty/fun/powerful/versatile/embeddable/lovable processor.
The only thing I miss is a few bytes of eeprom (eg. for serial nr or encryption keys).
And that datasheet... It is humanly readable!!!
This is going to be a fun weekend. ☺️

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"Dystopia” isn’t when things go wrong. Assuming nothing will go wrong doesn’t make you an optimist, it makes you an asshole. A dangerous asshole. Assuming nothing will go wrong is why they didn’t put enough lifeboats on the Titanic. Dystopia isn’t where things go wrong. Dystopia is when things go wrong, and nothing can be done about it"

- Cory Doctorow @pluralistic

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The @creativecommons@twitter.com org has a number of good (and quite readable) articles on the situation of AI vs. artists and copyrights.
Recommended read, also articles linked in closing notes.

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🥳🍾Ons Fablab bestaat 15 jaar! Van de eerste stappen van de @Fairphone tot aan de jaarlijkse Fab Academy: dé plek waar je (bijna) alles kan maken!


15 years of Fablab: where you can make (almost) anything


is celebrating the fifteen (and a half) year anniversary of its this week. Come to the lecture and conversation with Marleen Stikker and Neil Gershenfeld, among others, on Friday, January 13 at 3:00 pm at the HvA (location Kohnstammhuis). Or party along later in the evening (from 20:00) at the Fablab in the Waag!

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I just invented an amazing system for creating designs, art, and written language -- and the best part is that ANYONE can use it! I call it "a human being with decent pay at a full time job." You should try one today! #AI #tech

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*Stunning* composite image of the Tarantula Nebula produced by JWST and the Chandra X-ray Observatory. About 170,000 light-years away, in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

X-ray data (Chandra) is royal blue and purple. IR data (JWST) is red, orange, green, and light blue.

X-ray credit: NASA/CXC/Penn State Univ./L. Townsley et al.
IR credit: NASA/ESA/CSA/STScI/JWST ERO Production Team

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chatgpt is predictive text.
chatgpt is predictive text.
chatgpt is predictive text.
chatgpt is predictive text.
chatgpt is predictive text.

it's not even answering questions. it just pattern-matches that the next text after something that looks like a question is most often something that looks like an answer

every now and then you come across these kinds of gems. Salto (local amsterdam public television) report on Napalm Death gig in 1989. In 2 months I will see them live again (tivoli, utrecht): youtu.be/FrI4v98C7Xs

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RT @STARTSEU@twitter.com

It's that time of the year again! ✨
will open on January 11!
We'll be seeking pioneering projects at the interface of , & that contribute to economic & social ! Stay tuned...!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/STARTSEU/status/16

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Identifying People Using Cell Phone Location Data

The two people who shut down four Washington power stations in December were arrested. This is the interesting part:
Investigat... schneier.com/blog/archives/202

#lawenforcement #Uncategorized #geolocation #cellphones #tracking

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